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The ReWise Project CIC is a dynamic organisation that focuses on Mental Health, Wellbeing and Emotional Recovery and provides a high quality therapeutic service to the community. 


We strongly believe in the holistic approach and think that only with this movement transformation and long lasting results can be achieved and, most importantly, maintained. ​

We help our clients to move forward with a sense of direction, clarity, inspiration and self-confidence. We will help you to assess and find your hidden resources, skills, capabilities and inner strength that you might not even been aware of. We will encourage you not to be scared of that inner power and boldly go for what is important in your life. We will help you to explore your potential, discover unknown parts of yourself and transform your life. We will encourage you to ReWise your life and make Wise choices.  

We use different approaches to wellbeing combining well-established approaches with new and relatively new approaches that have recently proved their effectiveness. ​

We believe that emotional help and support need to be available for anyone at any time regardless of their financial situation. 


Come To Talk Service is an one-off session with a Senior Therapist. During that session you will explore your current situation, talk about your issues, goals, resources and support system and together with your therapist develop an Individual Emotional Recovery Plan (IERP) that may or may not include using a service we offer. IERP is based on your interests, individual emotional characteristic, coping methods, personality style, emotional needs as well as your financial situation and availability. ​

One-to-One Counselling Service 

We offer short and long term counselling for adults, young people, children, families and couples. We have a team of therapists who work using different approaches (Person-Centred, Gestalt, Integrative, Existential, CBT and others). It's essential however for our clients to feel safe and secure during therapy, that's why regardless of the approach, all our therapist offer a warm and non-judgemental environment. 

We also offer low-cost counselling for students or people who are currently unemployed. 

Support Groups

We offer different types of weekly and biweekly support groups. Support groups operate on a walk-in basis and are open to new members at any time. 

At the moment we have 2 active support groups available: 

Parent Support Group

Adult Support Group and Young People Support Group

Life Skills / Therapeutic Workshops  


Evening Talks